My son knocked IN his tooth!

A couple of weeks ago, I came home late from a night out with the kids and it was time for the bedtime routine.  My son was extracting his wiggly frame from his big puffy coat and managed to nose dive onto the hardwood floor in the process.  When I heard his face hit the floor, my mama's heart nearly went into my throat as a wave of dental panic came over my mind.  Freedom has some dental concerns (thanks to Mr. Thumb) that have made his front teeth more vulnerable.  He jumped up with exactly what I had expected... tears, blood, and loose front teeth!  He had actually pushed them up into the gum tissue.  I didn't want to do too much wiggling on them till he saw Dr. Coambs.  He did the ice pack routine and went to bed.  Then next morning he woke up swollen, his gums were still slightly bleeding, and his teeth seemed even more loose!  Yipes!  My son is 3yrs old and nowhere near ready to lose his front baby teeth.

One xray later, we determined the damage was minimal and a soft diet for a few days would allow for things to tighten back up.  We couldn't fully restore his original alignment due to a missed opportunity on my end.  Dr. Coambs gave me a tip that day that I thought should be passed on.

If you or your child knocks a tooth out of alignment, do everything you can to reset the proper placement within the first 30 minutes after the trauma.  After that, a clot can form around the tooth preventing the dental provider from being able to reposition the tooth at a later time without doing further damage.  The goal is to be able to bite the back teeth together and make sure the loose tooth is not interfering with being able to fully close.  If this is not done soon enough, the tooth may need to be extracted or may fracture while trying to reposition it later on.  Next, call Dr. Coambs or your local dentist ASAP!  Time is mission critical.

Oh well, lesson learned.  
Freedom's smile is a little more crooked, but just as cute.
Tiffany Claassen RDH

Happy Reset Button Day!


Most of us set new years resolutions about a week ago, and right about now have realized that those goals faded into some dark shadow that will follow us for a few more weeks until it too fades away entirely.  
Resolutions create so much pressure!  
My challenge for you this year is to set aside the resolutions... 
Embrace, instead, your reset button.
Look at today as a day to hit reset.  Today is a new day and a fresh start.  I will not vow to give up all carbs.  I will instead hit reset when I see those fries.  I have a new start that will not include those fries today.
And if you fail to uphold your challenge... tomorrow will present with another reset button.
The picture above is of my kids when I told them I left their snack at home. 
Challenge: Go an entire day without causing my kids to doubt my amazing mama skills.  Reset. :)
Happy New Year and Happy Reset Button Day!
Here's to wishing you a fabulous year of do-overs and undefeated new mornings from Imagine Dentistry.
Today's challenge for you: floss
Tomorrow's challenge: floss
Get the picture :)
Tiffany Claassen, RDH