Smile Superheroes... saving smiles one pregnancy at a time!

You see that beautiful round belly.  She has that pregnant glow.  Then she smiles and her gums comfirm what her husband already knew.  Her hormones are raging!  Did you know that a woman's hormones can affect her gums?  Many pregnant women will battle what has been labeled "Pregnancy Gingivitis."  When her hormones are pumping, a woman's gums often respond with an increase in inflammation.  This means that her gums may become swollen, red, and bleed more easily.  Thought pregnancy wasn't hard enough?  So what does this mean for this mama-to-be?  Well, the biggest thing to remember is that during those glorious 9 months of nausea, swelling, and well... more nausea, it is crucial that good oral hygiene remain a priority.  Regular brushing, flossing, and dental care are a must if we are to win the battle against gingivitis. 

"So, is there anything I should be doing differently?"  Glad you asked!  

Morning sickness is an unfortunate reality for most pregnancies.  Alongside this reality comes vomiting and acid reflux.  Ladies, I implore you to rinse your mouth thoroughly after such an episode rather that go straight for that toothbrush.  The increase in acid in your mouth from vomiting can temporarily weaken the enamel of your teeth, and it would be better not to brush your teeth until the pH in your mouth has had time to neutralize.  We wouldn't want to accidentally do more damage in an effort to erase bad breath. Instead, rinse with mouthwash or even a little water with baking soda to lower the level of acidity before bringing back the brush.  

"Should I have a dental cleaning during my pregnancy or just wait till after I deliver?"  Another great question!

It is so important to maintain the health of your mouth during pregnancy.  It is even recommended that women should come in for 1 extra cleaning during those 9 months in order to keep everything as clean and healthy as possible.  When that gag reflex kicks into overdrive, many women find themselves neglecting their oral care.  Never fear, your hygienist is here!  We may not wear red capes, but we will do our best to fight against plaque and gingivitis!  
Let us help by giving you tips on how to best care for your smile during those 9 months so that you can enjoy that new bundle and not have any dental worries lurking in the shadows.  Pregnancy is a wonderful thing!  So ladies, lets stand up and fight for our gums!  Let's show the world that our tummies may be "puffy" but our gums don't have to be.  
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