"but mama, I can't sleep without my thumb!"

My 2 year old son, Freedom, was so excited to have his first dental visit, a few weeks ago, at "mama's office."  He couldn't wait to show Dr. Coambs how well he had been brushing his teeth.  He climbed up in the big blue chair, smiled a mile, and got ready to ride the magic chair back until it turned into a bed.  We tickled, slurped, and flossed our way to a very handsome smile.  Now, for the part we'd all been waiting for.  It was time for him to show off his set of chompers to the doctor.  He did great!  I was such a proud mama.  His two sisters were there watching his every move.  Now, granted they were not even 1 and 2 yrs old, but he knew he had to set a good example.  He hung on every word Dr. Coambs said to him.

Later, that same night, all the kiddos had brushed their teeth, had that last sip of water, begged to play a little longer, and finally agreed to lay their sleepy heads down on their pillows.  My husband, Jeff, and I were about to scoot out of the room when my son sat up and shouted "MAMA WAIT!!!"  What is it?  "I don't know how to sleep without my thumb!"  I was completely amazed that my little man had chosen not to put his thumb back in his mouth without any motherly prompting.  His little mind was racing as he realized he had no idea how to fall asleep without sucking his thumb.  He proceeded to inform me that Dr. Coambs had told him that he couldn't suck his thumb anymore.  He was big now.

The hunt was on to find how to help this determined young mind search for ways to kick the habit.  A few weeks later, while discussing my son's uneven bite, an orthodontist made my heart rejoice by introducing me to a product called Thumbusters!  This was great!  I was so excited I nearly kissed the poor man. 

The goal is to be done with a thumb or pacifier long before those permanent teeth arrive (typically around age 6).  That is where Thumbusters come in.  Thumbusters are made of a stretchy material that is worn over the offending thumb and velcros around the wrist.  It is made for ages 5-12 years for kids that just can't seem to quit, but it even fit my 2 year old. Be diligent!  Persevere!  You may struggle to keep that thing on at first.  Oh you will probably hear all the great excuses as to why they can't wear it.  "My thumb might get lonely."  "It doesn't fit me."  "Maybe my lovie should wear it instead."  Just stick to your guns and soon those excuses will be gone and a happy thumb-free kid will have appeared.  My little man has still been found to take it off in the middle of the night, but I never see him with his thumb in his mouth during the day any more.  Baby steps.

So, if you are a parent who is looking for a way to help your child break a habit that could have some bad consequences on their adorable smile, look no further.  Read some of the great testimonials located on the Thumbusters website.  Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they also come in green and pink.

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Diapers & Dentistry

Think your little angel is too young to see a dentist?  Think again. The ADA recommends having a child's first dental visit by the age of one (or the appearance of a baby's first teeth).

It is never too soon to start introducing a child to the world of 
bubblegum toothpaste, Mr. Thirsty, and the tooth tickler!


My daughter recently went in to have her first dental exam before she was even 1 year old.
We discovered that she has a very tight lip attachment that needs to be monitored as she gets older.  As a hygienist, I had noticed it many times and just wanted to put my mind at ease by having her seen in the office.  I too struggle to get my "chicken wiggle" to lay still long enough to really have a thorough look around.  In reality, the tight attachment really isn't an issue at all.  Many children will fall during the toddler years, bust their lip, and correct the problem by way of gravity, a little blood, a mama kiss, and a few tears. 

The purpose of an infant or toddler exam is mainly to get the child used to laying back and having someone, other than mom or dad, take a look in their mouth.  That way, they do not associate the dentist with pain and fear. 
We want kids to get excited about keeping their smile happy and healthy,
and the best way to do that is by preparing them for great check-ups and high-fives from Dr. Coambs!

At Imagine Dentistry, we offer *free* infant exams until the age of 15 months.
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