My Jaw Hurts. Why?

It could be that you have TMJ/TMD. According to the American Dental Association, more than fifteen percent of American adults suffer from chronic facial pain. Some common symptoms include pain in or around the ear, tenderness of the jaw, clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth, or even headaches and neck aches.
Two joints and several jaw muscles make it possible to open and close the mouth. They work together when you chew, speak, and swallow. These structures include muscles and ligaments, as well as the jaw bone, the mandible (lower jaw) with two joints, the TMJ's.
Diagnosis And Treatment
A dentist can help identify the source of the pain with a thorough exam and appropriate X-rays. Often, it's a sinus, toothache or an early stage of periodontal disease. But for some pain, the cause is not so easily diagnosed. The pain could be related to the facial muscles, the jaw ortemporomandibular joint, located in the front of the ear. Treatments for this pain may include stress reducing exercises, muscle relaxants, or wearing a mouth protector to prevent teeth grinding. They've been successful for many and your dentist can recommend which is best for you.
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Diabetes and Dentistry

Did you know that 95% of diabetic patients have periodontal disease?
Diabetes and periodontal disease are closely linked. Diabetic patients are more likely to develop periodontal disease and people with periodontal disease are more likely to develop diabetes. Treating and managing one of these conditions can help improve the other. 
If you are diabetic, or have risk factors for diabetes, such as a family history, or high cholesterol, contact us to discuss your periodontal health. 
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Oral Cancer - Consider This...

According to the American Dental Association, there is recent good news about progress against cancer. It is now easier than ever to detect oral cancer early, when the opportunity for a cure is great. Currently only half of all patients diagnosed with oral cancer survive more than five years.
Our practice has the skills and tools to ensure that early signs of cancer and pre-cancerous conditions are identified. We can help you fight and win the battle against oral cancer. Know the early signs and see your dentist regularly.
You Should Know:
  • Oral cancer often starts as a tiny, unnoticed white or red spot or sore anywhere in the mouth.
  • It can affect any area of the oral cavity including the lips, gum tissue, check lining, tongue and the hard or soft palate.
Other Signs Include:
  • A sore that bleeds easily or does not heal
  • A color change of the oral tissues
  • A lump, thickening, rough spot, crust or small eroded area
  • Pain, tenderness, or numbness in the mouth or on the lips
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing or moving the jaw or tongue
  • A change in the way the teeth fit together
Regular Dental Check-ups are Important
Regular dental check-ups, including an examination of the entire mouth, are essential in the early detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. You may have a very small, but dangerous, oral spot or sore and not be aware of it.
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