Brighten Up Your Smile This Holiday Season

A bright, white smile may be just what you need to boost your confidence this holiday season. Whether you're taking photos with the family or enjoying more downtime with someone you're close to, having sparkling white teeth makes everything better. It does not have to be difficult to do this either. New teeth whitening treatments, including the Opalescence system, can give you the look you want quickly.

What Does Opalescence Offer?

Opalescence teeth whitening is a well-respected brand. It's designed to provide people with a healthy way of whitening their teeth. It was designed by dentists themselves, which may make it a safer option than others on the market.

Opalescence whitening gel is a viscous, sticky substance that provides a unique combination of ingredients, including sustained peroxide release. That means that unlike other products that work for a few minutes and then fizzle out, this product continues to work for a longer period of time, enabling it to remove more staining and create a whiter, brighter smile faster. Because of the viscosity of the gel itself, it remains in place longer, providing an enhanced result.

How Does Whitening Happen?

With Opalescence, the tooth whitening process involves the use of oxygen molecules released from the whitening gel. These spread across the surface of the tooth and get into all of the areas of it. They react specifically to discolored areas on the tooth, creating a targeted level of function. Because it is not in contact with every part of your enamel and instead only adheres to areas of discolored molecules, it tends to be safer to use than other products. It is fast and non-invasive, too.

Opalescence Boost

One of the ways to secure that bright white smile is to use Opalescence Boost. It is a professionally applied product that is able to speed up the results of giving you whiter teeth significantly. Your dentist can apply Opalescence Boost right to your teeth while you are in for an appointment. There are no lights, no heat, and no long waiting periods to get results. That's because it is chemically activated rather than heat or light-activated. It takes about an hour to see significant improvement in your smile using Opalescence Boost.

Opalescence Boost offers some key benefits:

  • It is chemically activated, so there is no heat or light needed.
  • You'll see the improved coloring of your teeth right away.
  • A trained professional needs to apply it, but it's done quickly.
  • The gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, both of which are very safe for your smile.
  • It's all done within an hour.

Opalescence Go

Another option is Opalescence Go. This is a unique product in terms of the way it works. You will have prefilled whitening trays made available to you. These include a professional strength teeth whitening product. It's quite effective and very safe to use. The trays are different than any over the counter product you may have selected previously. They use UltraFit, a technology that helps the tray to conform to your smile. 

Opalescence Go offers a few key advantages:

  • There is no need to have a mold created of your teeth.
  • Several whitening options are available, including 10 percent hydrogen peroxide (which requires wearing it for up to 60 minutes a day for up to 10 days) and 15 percent hydrogen peroxide (which requires wearing it up to 20 minutes a day for up to 10 days).
  • It uses nitrate and fluoride to work.
  • It's used right out of the box no delays in getting results.
  • You'll notice improvement steadily over the treatment period.

When it comes to Opalescence Boost and Go, we recommend either option if you want a bright, beautiful smile. At Image Dentistry, you'll find both products available to you. Schedule a consultation to talk to us today about teeth whitening solutions for your needs.

A Guide to ClearCorrect Wear and Care

How do you feel about your smile and the impression you make on others whenever you open your mouth? Going through life with crooked teeth can really put a damper on how you interact with other people. 

Oftentimes, individuals who dislike the appearance of their teeth hide their smiles. That's unfortunate, especially when there is a method for straightening teeth that involves using ClearCorrect invisible braces. 

If you aren't familiar with these aligners, a guide for ClearCorrect wear and care will be useful to read before you discuss options with your preferred dentist.

What to Expect During ClearCorrect Treatment

Whether your dentist has already examined your teeth and determined that ClearCorrect is a suitable treatment option, or you are still deciding which dental alignment method is right for you, some patient education is in order.

ClearCorrect aligners are made out of a material called thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is used by dentists to help patients straighten teeth by gently and continuously applying force. The teeth will then gradually move into the desired position. Periodically, you will need to switch to a new set of ClearCorrect aligners to continue to gently reposition the teeth until they reach the goal established with your dentist.

The 3 things you should expect with ClearCorrect:

  1. It will be snug at first. Before you arrange to start treatment with ClearCorrect, you'll undoubtedly be wondering about what to expect. For one, you should be prepared for them to feel a bit snug. It's actually quite normal for the aligners to fit tightly at first, but in time you should become accustomed to the sensation.

  2. You may have trouble talking. You should also be prepared for a potential alteration in your voice in the beginning, as ClearCorrect aligners sometimes give people a temporary lisp. In most cases, the lisp will disappear within a few days after your tongue becomes used to the aligners, and then you'll resume speaking in your normal voice. 

  3. You might experience dry mouth. Consult with your dentist about drinking more liquid to compensate, as you become accustomed to the treatment.

How to Properly Care for Your Retainers

To get the most benefit out of your retainer, it's useful to learn how to take care of it, as well as how to take care of your teeth. 

Retainer Care Tips:

  • Keep aligners away from colored liquids and liquids that are hot or sweet.

  • Remove the ClearCorrect aligners before eating. 

  • Floss and brush your teeth after every meal. This helps to keep food particles and remnants from beverages from becoming trapped under the retainers.

  • Clean the aligners between meals. You can do this by scrubbing the aligner with a toothbrush under cool water.

Where to Store Aligners

When not in your mouth applying gentle pressure to move your teeth into proper alignment, you'll need a place to keep them clean and safe.

If you have pets, make sure to store your aligners away from where they can reach them. If you've seen a dog attack a pair of slippers before, you know how much damage a pet can cause inadvertently.

In between usage of your aligners, keep them protected in the case they come with. You don't want to leave them out exposed, because dust and debris can land on them before you put them back in your mouth.

How Often You Should Wear ClearCorrect Aligners

Your dentist will clarify the amount of time and how often you should wear your ClearCorrect aligners for straight teeth. Typically patients are instructed to wear them at a minimum of 22 hours a day, meaning only removing them for meals. 

Is ClearCorrect Right for You?

Now that you are more familiar with how ClearCorrect aligners work and how you can benefit most from using them, you may be interested in seeing if this is the right option for you to straighten your teeth. To set up a consultation, please connect with us today!

Are Your Teeth Scarier Than Your Halloween Costume?

October is here, and it's National Dental Hygiene Month. This isn't a surprise, since Halloween is also around the corner and the holiday fun can have a big impact on teeth.

With Halloween comes treats, and the sugar in these goodies could play some tricky games on your teeth if you're not being careful. This is because your mouth has bacteria that go after the sugar left behind by the candy. This causes acid, which contributes to cavities. 

However, this doesn't mean you should put your costume away and give up on Halloween. Halloween is supposed to be fun, and giving, getting, and eating candy is a huge part of it. Eating Halloween candy as a splurge is fine, but only if you're brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once daily all year long. It wouldn't hurt to learn about the candies that have the most impact on your teeth as well.

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7 Oral Health Tips for Cold & Flu Season

Having a cold or flu can wreak havoc on your body, but it can also affect your dental health. This is especially true if you have recently had dental work. Fortunately, incorporating a few tips and tricks into your dental hygiene routine can reduce your chances of having oral health problems during or after having a cold or the flu.

Cold and flu season typically starts in October and can run as late as May, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although you can catch a cold or the flu at any time of year. Furthermore, the CDC says that adults in the United States have an average of three colds per year and children have even more colds.... Read more

How Do Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Oral Health?

Seasonal allergy sufferers know that when allergy season arrives, they will experience a number of obvious problems such as increased sneezing, itchy, red eyes, and sinus congestion or pain. What allergy sufferers don't know is that seasonal allergies can dramatically impact your oral health.

Discover how seasonal allergies affect your oral health and learn what you can do to protect your teeth, mouth, and gums when allergy season arrives.

Got a Toothache? It Could Be Caused by Allergies

Typically, when you experience a toothache, you think you have a cavity, but that might not be the cause of your pain. The cause of your tooth pain could be from sinus congestion caused by seasonal allergies.... Read more

5 Summer Tips for Healthy Teeth

Summer is a great time for fun in the sun with friends and family. It is also a time for backyard barbeques, ice cream cones, and drinking an icy beverage after spending time outside on a hot summer day. Sounds like a wonderful time. But, here's the thing - summer can also be hard on your teeth. Sugary foods and quick snacks instead of healthy meals can increase the risk of cavities and other dental problems.

Here are five tips to help keep your teeth in top shape this summer.

1. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is important, especially during the hottest months of the year. While it might be tempting to drink sweetened beverages, such as soda and fruit juices and iced flavored coffee drinks, these all contain large amounts of sugar that can lead to tooth decay. Sadly, the staple of southern living --sweet tea-- is the "curse of the South" because of its high sugar content.... Read more

Dental Problems and Symptoms College Students Shouldn't Ignore This Summer

College is a great time for learning, fun, and adventure. You're away from home and on your own when it comes to deciding what to do and when to do it. That's great most of the time, but sometimes you forget about the basics -- like taking the best care of your teeth. 

You may have been enjoying all the pizza and Chinese takeout so much you didn't notice the problems occurring in your mouth. Little problems might have cropped up that were simply easier to ignore than to find time to address during your busy class and social schedule. 

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3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for Wedding Season

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. Crooked or misaligned teeth, discolored or yellow teeth, and uneven gums can cause you to have a less-than-perfect smile. And that can really put a damper on your big day. Luckily, there are numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures that can quickly and easily help you improve your smile so you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.


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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies have the potential to be serious! You really can't afford to ignore them - prompt care is critical! In fact, failing to get proper treatment quickly can increase your risk of permanent damage, and could result in more expensive treatment in the future.

So how do you determine what is a true dental emergency? And what do you do when you have that dental emergency? We've put together a guide to some of the most common dental emergencies and a summary of what to do when you face these problems.


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Is a Custom Occlusal Guard (a.k.a. “Nightguard”) Right for You?

Woman in Jaw PainIf you suffer from clenching or grinding of your teeth, you may need a custom occlusal guard to protect your pearly whites. Bruxism (teeth grinding) is a common condition, affecting 10% of adults and 15% of children, according to the American Sleep Association. How do you know if you grind your teeth?

4 telltale signs...

  • Your spouse hears your teeth squeaking or grinding.
  • Your canine teeth are completely flat, or even "notched out," instead of having their original pointed tip.
  • You frequently wake up with jaw muscle soreness or headaches.
  • You suffer from tooth sensitivity.

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