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Let Imagine Dentistry provide you with choices of treatment that you deserve. We offer dental care for the entire family and for adults of all ages. From tooth whitening to porcelain crowns, white fillings to partial dentures, implant restorations to veneers, Dr. Coambs can evaluate your oral health and help you determine the best plan to restore or maintain your smile. A healthy smile is part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Esthetic Restorations

Esthetic RestorationDentistry has evolved into a beautiful craft. The days of silver "mercury" fillings are nearly gone, and metal crowns are diminishing in frequency. At Imagine Dentistry, we have kept up with the pace of this rapidly-changing profession to provide you with the latest in esthetic restorations. We can offer you mercury-free (white) fillings, all-porcelain crowns, metal-free bridges, and many other options to meet your esthetic demands.


VeneersVeneers have changed the lives and smiles of many people. Micro-thin custom porcelain is bonded to the front of teeth to give people a new look. Patients will often request a change in the color and shape of their teeth that is then incorporated into the porcelain to change the overall appearance of their smile. In as little as three weeks, you can have a new, radiant smile. Utilizing the newest porcelains and best dental laboratories, Imagine Dentistry is on the forefront of esthetic clinical training to meet your smile makeover needs.


Implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. Implants are the nearest substitute for your natural teeth in both appearance and feel. Working in conjunction with a dental specialist, implants can be the most esthetic restorative choice for one or multiple teeth.


WhiteningImagine Dentistry offers an array of options when it comes to whitening your teeth. Whether it is custom take-home bleaching trays, in-office power whitening, or prescription-level bleaching strips, Imagine Dentistry offers you choices in achieving a brighter, more radiant smile.

Esthetic Smile Makeover

Esthetic Smile MakeoverAre you looking for a complete smile makeover, or tooth whitening to brighten your smile? Patients seek Imagine Dentistry for its conservative approaches to great results. Schedule an esthetic consultation with Dr. Coambs to discover options for creating a fantastic smile for yourself!



WhiteningDental crowns serve a similar purpose as veneers. Both can fix cracked and crooked teeth, as well as other flaws. Dental crowns cover the ENTIRE tooth. This enables crowns to improve both the appearance and strength of your teeth. Crowns may be needed to anchor bridgework to replace missing teeth and restore smiles, correct chewing problems, and relieve pain from compromised teeth and return dental function.

TMJ Therapy

Esthetic RestorationTMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is a small joint located in front of your ears, responsible for the opening and closing of the mouth. TMJ is also commonly used to describe a temporomandibular disorder (TMD) in which the jaw joints or teeth do not fit together properly, resulting in an imbalance in the bite. Patients can experience pain in the jaw joint, headaches, neck pain, teeth sensitivity and more. Dr. Coambs has completed advanced training to treat TMD through Occlusal Equilibration (bite balancing) and splint therapy.

periodontal therapy

WhiteningOptimal periodontal health is the foundation of dental health. If the picture that you envision is a beautiful and healthy smile, then the frame around that picture is your gums. Periodontal disease can be the silent killer of teeth and can have a significant impact on the overall health of the individual, so we provid a thorough periodontal health screening. We can manage many levels of periodontal infection through education, in office treatments, medications and enhanced oral hygiene skills training and products.

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