Our Annual Team Planning Retreat - 2017

A note from Dr. Coambs:

Here are a few photos from our team planning retreat. It was such a great day for team bonding, goal setting, and office vision plans! Can you believe Imagine Dentistry has been at the Arboretum for 5 years!? Cheers to the next 5 years!

Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum Team Retreat

Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum Team Retreat     Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum Team Retreat

Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum Team Retreat

Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum Team Retreat
We each took a specific colored skicky note and wrote out some of our big life events and arranged them on a timeline to see where our timelines overlapped! 
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5 Oral Health Concerns to Look Out for As You Age

Oral Health Concerns for Aging Adults | Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum
With regular dental care and good daily habits, you'll likely have your teeth for a lifetime. As you get older, however, natural changes in both your mouth and general health can put you at risk of dental problems. Knowing the vulnerabilities that come with aging will allow you to effectively manage your oral health care, and prevent these dental complications.

Risks for Tooth and Root Decay


Dry Mouth

Elderly adults often suffer from dry mouth because of conditions requiring treatment or medications that have side effects. This includes cancer treatment or the use of cardiovascular medications. ... Read more

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Summer Citrus Snacks - Great for Your Gums, Hard on Your Teeth

Summer Citrus Snacks - Vitamin C is Good for Your Gums | Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum

Eating a variety of nutritious food is good for your overall health, including your oral health. Some vitamins in particular have demonstrated benefits to building healthy teeth and gums, namely calcium and vitamin C, so be sure to include foods rich in these nutrients in your diet.

Calcium for Teeth

Calcium has been shown to help build strong teeth, and vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that also plays an important role in collagen synthesis, by which it helps you develop and maintain healthy gums. Dairy products, including milk, yogurt and cheese are good sources of calcium. Also, try ... Read more

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Why is My Jaw Clicking?

Why is my jaw clicking? - TMJ Therapy at Imagine Dentistry at the Arboretum
Have you noticed your jaw clicking or popping when you move your head or mouth certain ways? 

If this happens to you, you could have TMD (temporomandibular disorder). We want you to know you aren't alone, and we can fix it!

What is TMD?

TMD is temporomandibular disorder. This means the TMJ - temporomandibular joint - or the hinge connecting the upper and lower jaw, isn't working properly. This hinge is one of the most complex joints in the body, responsible for moving the lower jaw forward, backward and side-to-side. Any problem that prevents this ... Read more

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Your Baby's First Tooth: What To Expect

Do you see a white bud that could be your baby's first tooth? Between four and six months of age, your little angel will begin teething. This is an exciting milestone, but sometimes it can turn your little one's smile upside down, as erupting teeth can be uncomfortable. This rite of passage is a time to collect tips on teething and begin thinking about your child's dental care.

Baby's First Tooth
Even when your baby's mouth is all gums, it's not too early to start planning their dental care. At bath time... Read more

How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy this Season

The festival season is well and truly upon us.

Research by interdental brush brand TePe has revealed that while one third of us will spend over $50 on our appearance alone ahead of festivals, half of us admit that our usual oral health care routine goes out of the window on arrival, brushing less than the recommended twice a day.

One fifth admit to brushing less than once a day, and 15% report not brushing at all. The worst offenders in this survey are men, with a fifth admitting to not brushing at all during festival weekends.

Here are the top tips for maintaining good oral hygiene at festivals:

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Mouth-Healthy Eating

If you want to prevent cavities, how often you eat can be just as important as what you eat. That's because food affects your teeth and mouth long after you swallow. Eating cookies with dinner will do less harm to your teeth than eating them as a separate snack. Of course, overall poor nutrition can contribute to periodontal (gum) disease. It also can have other long-term effects on your mouth. Learning how food affects your oral health is the first step toward mouth-healthy eating.

Immediate Effects of Food

Changes begin in your mouth the minute you start ... Read more

Know The Parts Of Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered what makes up a tooth? Each part of a tooth has unique functions and properties. Aetna's Simple Steps to Better Dental Health lists major parts of tooth anatomy, including enamel, dentin, cementum, root(s) and the root canal chamber(s) inside the tooth. Damaged teeth, especially teeth with cracked or eroded enamel, are very susceptible to cavities. Advanced gum disease, another oral health condition that threatens tooth health, attacks the bone of the teeth and may cause tooth loss. Understanding the function of each part of a tooth and the steps required to ... Read more

Celebrating Mother's Day with Imagine

This month we are happy to celebrate Moms - our patients, friends, family, and staff. Here we are highlighting the moms on our team (all 6 of us!), and the special people in our lives:

Dr. Coambs, with her husband Ed, and sons Blaine and Simon:
Melissa, her sons, her grandson, and her fur children:
Tiffany, with her 3 children and husband:

Amanda and her son:

Carol with her her late mother, her son Charles as a baby (he's 27 now), and son Isaiah (19) :

Angela with her daughter Nichole:

Happy Mother's Day from all of the moms at Imagine Dentistry!
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Re-Think That Cup of Tea

First thing's first: coffee isn't great for your teeth. Prolonged exposure to the caffeinated beverage is sure to leave your teeth stained. But you may be surprised to learn that tea has even more teeth-staining properties than coffee. 

It's easy to think that tea is an all-around healthier beverage than coffee. It has less caffeine, it's not as acidic, and it's supposedly packed with antioxidants. So how could this praise-worthy drink cause more damage to your pearly whites?

It turns out that tea is loaded with the perfect cocktail of stain-causing ... Read more

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